Sunday, November 15, 2015

Review: Kawaii cutie Jewelry

Today ill be doing another review on 
a cute shop called Kawaii Cutie.

i had to pick out a few things i would like and she send me 3 items!

the items arrived within a week and were shipped in a hand folded


the items were packed nice and arrived without any damage, also 
she folded the box gave me a hand written note and (as you can see on the picture below)
added 2 little cat stickers with it! Its so much more fun when someone makes it personal imo
and the stickers were such a cute little extra

Here are the items i got:

The macaroon ring is my favorite its so cute! 
the ring is adjustable and the ring itself has a gold color instead of silver
i dont really see that alot but it looks nice.

the little pink earings are very simple but will go with alot of outfits

and this necklace is with a metal chain a plastic bow and the text "dreamgirl" on it 
this one goes with alot of outfits either so im really happy with al the items

She also gave me a coupon code for you guys to use!
the code is DAYDREAM for 10% off at her shop

link to the shop: Kawaii Cutie

(i made pics wearing them but they all came out bad looking > >
but i wore them in a video ->  Youtube Video

see you next time~

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Wigaholic review: Light Blonde Long Curly 70cm

so yeah thats a good start for a review right?

Wigaholic is a new wigstore and they were really nice to send me a wig to review!
i got to pick out 3 wigs and they would send me 1.
i got the Light Blonde Long Curly 70cm

i bought a big in the same color some time ago and i really like how 
it suites me.
i was really confused when the package arrived because i didnt expect it so soon! 
it was shipped to me (the netherlands) in just 2 days!

with the wig came a wig-cap, wig brush and a wig stent
i dont think when you oder its something thats always comes with your wigs but you can buy them
on the site to.

everything arrived in perfect condition

 the front is a bit messy looking but that didn't come as a surprise
on the site they show you multiple pictures and it was a bit messy on the site to (the part of the wig were the bangs meet if that makes sense)

(the picture on the site i was talking about)

by brushing it it will get nicer but its that way because the top is made really poofy
and the wig looks the best with something like a hairband on it

i didnt brush the wig yet in this picture so here is how the curls look before brushing them.

i decided not to cut the bangs straight since i like them this way
the quality is great and shipping was fast, i would definitely buy from this store again

(also atm they have 50% off so go check it out!)

link for this: wig
link to the site:

Friday, November 6, 2015

pinkicon: GEO-XTRA Berry Holic Brown review

im starting off every time with a"o long time no see, blah blah
cuz im really bad at making reviews in time.. i`m working on that i promise. ;w;

today im reviewing a pair of circle lenses from Pinkicon!
there the GEO-XTRA Berry Holic brown

i wore these lenses for quite some time and i`m really glad i got these!
the package arrived quick and had a alot of papers with it about how to put them in etc. 
and a little card were you can write on when they expire!

the lenses are really comfortable but they do get a little bit dry from time to time but my eyes
 are dry quick so i use eye-drops to fix the problem.

at first when they said they would send me these i wasn't really sure about them since i don't really
like how brown looks on  me but since there so light they give (imo) i really cool look

as you can see there really big! so they give a really cute dolly affect but yet not to dramatic
still i think they would more natural on someone with green or brown eyes.

i hope you liked this review and see you next time

link to for the lenses: <3
coupon code: A24680000

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Review: brandedkitty the ice princess dress & B.Kitty Bambee Black Lashes

hii :3
.. i have nothing interesting to say so lets just start with the review haha!

this review is for a cute shop called "brandedkitty shop"
i got to review a pretty dress and a set of eyelashes!

lets start with the dress:

this dress is called: the ice princess dress
its a chiffon dress with cute ribbons and pretty pearls on it
i love that the pearls aren't glued on but yeah whats the word "stapled" on
i m not sure if thats the right word but you dont have to worry about the pearls falling off

the back of the dress has a cute little ribbon on it, its sewn on with a single string so it could fall af
but i didnt have any problems with it.

you can also see the adorable collar on this dress!
 this is my favorite thing about this dress haha

in this picture you can see the original color 

And the second item are these lashes: B. Kitty Bambee Black Lashes


picture from the site

these lashes are both cute and sassy!

they are a good quality and i can wear them for multiple times so they go a long way!

pictures of me wearing them:

link to the site:Brandedkitty

i hope you liked this review and see you next time <3