Sunday, November 13, 2016

circlelenseseurope: Geo "Xtra Bubble" BLUE review

today i have another circle lens review
i LOVE these lenses there one of my new favorites!

the design of the lenses are simple, one colour and a darker cirle on the outside
the reason why i love these since they give a very cartoon-isch look!

they blend in well with my real eyecolour and i love how my eyes 
look in pictures. i also think these would be perfect for cosplay
and especially disney princesses since the design looks like 
those kind of eyes.

     Brand: GEO Medical

  Diameter (DIA): 14.8 mm
 Base Curve (BC): 8,8 mm
 Water Content: 40% (+-2%)

yes this picture looks a bit derpy

the shipping was fast and the lenses are super comfortable to wear!
so yeah, im really happy with these lenses and i wear them all the time

the website gave me a coupon code for you guys to use

so you can get 10% off with the code "ALICE"

please let me know what cute lenses you bought or if you are ging
to give these a try to!

link to the lenses: > here <

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Klenspop review ELLEN 3COLOR GRAY

back again~
today ill be review a new pair of circle lenses i got from 


Klenspop always sends there lenses in a cute box

you get the lenses a lenscase and plastic tweezer to get the lenses out!
i really like the tweezers i always use them to get my lenses out without using my fingers

the lenses look really, really natural and with my dark blue eyes the 
blend in so well my mom didnt notice i was wearing lenses until i told her . so if you are going
for natural looking lenses that enlarge your eyes i recommend these!

the light in these pictures are very different since im
 dumb and forgot to make a pic without the lenses
so im using a old one!

they are comfortable but can get a bit dry sometimes

there 14mm and water content is 38%

i hope you liked this review!
here is a link to the lenses: (click)

Saturday, July 16, 2016

chaotic candy review: 3-ways kawaii lacey RED HEARTBREAKER

today im going to do a review on these 
super cute shorts!
they can be worn in 3 different ways!

i usally go for pastels but i love to try new things and when she showed me 
these i loved how they looked!

the heart can be clipped on and taken off really easily and
the straps are adjustable as well

here are the 3 ways you can wear them:

i got the size small and they fit perfectly but i had my measurements taken so im
not that suprised haha.

there is a zipper on the side of them but there not noticeable when you
wear them. and theres a small tag on the side as well that you can see here


if you are not such a fan of red you can also get this one in a pastel pink!

3-weg lacey pastel roze HEARTBREAKER leuke korte broek en bretels BOXPAKJE

i liked how they looked with my minnie mouse ears i got in disneyland and did 
a transformation video as well so you can see how they look on when moving around

for the video click: > here <

link to the shorts: here
link to the pink version: here

see you next time~

Saturday, June 25, 2016

klenspop review: TT 2COLOR PLUS VIOLET

trying my best to get back on track with my reviews! <3
today ill be reviewing one off my go to lenses

these are the TT 2color plus voilet lenses from klenspop.
from the lenses i recieved from them these are my favorite and the lenses i
wear most often!

(sorry for the color difference i took these pictures at different time off the day!)

and as always klenspop sends you them with a lenscase and plastic tweezers
i personally find these tweezers very handy to pick them out of the lensecase because 
sometimes there can be a bit of dirt or fuz on your fingers and it ends up in the lenscase

i really recommend these lenses, i dont have any trouble with them and
they look very cute!

link to the lenses: here

Monday, June 20, 2016

Pinky paradise: Princess Pinky Cosplay White Mesh review

today im going to review a pair of lenses i wanted to try for SO long
they look so cool haha!

these lenses are made so that your eyes look white!

there comfortable BUT your sight will get "foggy" 
inside my house i didnt have much problems with wearing them but
at the gothic and fantasy fair it was to dark and i couldnt see true them haha

so i dont recomment wearing them in the evening or with bright spotlights
(you could just wear one and a "normal" color lens in the other eye)

there really good for looking spooky and "blind"

and they came in a cute macaron case!

the shipping was fast and as always there were packed well to protect them!

i really like these lenses even tho there a bit of a struggle to see true haha
i made a halloween tutorial with them that you can check out on my channel!

link for the lenses: lenses