Sunday, August 6, 2017

Review Pastel-dreams: Rainbow eclipse Voilet

today im going to review another pair
of lenses from Pastel-Dreams
these are called the rainbow eclipse in the colour violet

i dont know why the stock picture is with blue when the lenses have orange in them
so keep that in mind ^^

just like the other lenses you get them without a lenscase
so make sure you have one at home! 

i was most excited about these ones so i left the best for last!

as you can see the lenses have a nice pattern with purple, black and orange
these lenses have a diameter of 16.0mm so they are big

yet they are very comfortable to wear and last a year

here you can see how big they look! they have a dark rim in the middle as well
so they show your natural eye 
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here is a close up of the lens so you can see the patern
i love these lense! they make my eyes look big and colourfull!
and i can wear them without any problem

i hope you liked this review!
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( if you are interested in this makeup you can click >here<)