Friday, June 1, 2018

Pastel Galaxyz review

Hello everyone!
before i start this post i want to tell you something.
i have decided to stop using this blog
i want to focus more on other things mostly youtube
and with my personal live, doing both youtube and blogging
is to much and i end up not being very active at both. i also wanted to
do someting different and less reviews so any future review will be up on
my youtube channel instead
at first i wanted to delete this blog but it might still be helpfull for some!
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I wanted to make this last blogpost
about a store that really deserves a shoutout and some love!

when i first started with blogging she send me some items
to review. it ended up not being done and i still feel really bad
about that. i apologised and she always stayed lovely and sweet
so even though the items are years old ill still review them!

this is still one of my favorite items! its a brooche but instead of
a pin it has a magnet so it wont damage clothes (some fabric will leave holes) 
its in my favorite colour combination and really sparkly and in perfect shape 
after all these years (i think its 4 or 5)

these two are with pins, they are less heavy as the big heart. the left one is my fav
of the two! they did get a bit more yellow after all these years but that happend only
recently and like i said they are like 4 or 5 years old so that still pretty good for resin imo!

Next are these rings, they are big and chunky and i love them! ive had rings that
where they resin falls of the ring very fast and i have to glue them back
but these survive EVERYTHING and im not joking
i was wearing the lego ring and my hand got stuck in bitween the door and
my hand was not okay but the ring didnt have a single scrats lol it didnt fell 
appart but my hand needed some time to heal haha

And at last the necklace, its a big heart just like the magnetic brooche it has alot of
sparkles in it and little stars at one side, because it has two different sides you can 
wear it both ways! the only downside to why i dont wear it often is that
its a long necklace and i go for the short one then rest on my chest if that
makes sense.

I love this store and the owner is a sweety, the items are handmade and i believe
made with love and after all these years they are still in great shape for 
somehing hand made with resin.

because the items are so old the stores style changed as well
so i will also show you some pictures from instagram of newere items

Crystalline Heart Necklace- ♡1 Retro Roller-Derby Gal Necklace- Iridescent Crystal ♡Holographic Jelly Star Necklace ☆彡 01
Fancy Ice Cream Sundae Brooch- Doki Doki Sweetie 80's POP Earrings- Heart ♡ Triangle

right now everyting on the website is sold out, but she said she will have some
new Pastel goth inspired items on the website soon!
i would recommend following Pastelgalaxyz on instagram to 
keep up with updates etc.
i sure am excited for the pastel goth inspire collection the come out!
Are you?


Website: PastelGalaxyz
Instagram: PastelGalaxyz

And thank you for all the fun i had maybe some day ill pick up blogging again
but for now i hope you follow me on my other social media! byebye <3