Sunday, March 19, 2017

Lensflavor: EOS candy green

and i should have done this review a loooonngg time ago and i feel 
really bad for doing it after so long but as you might know
(if you watch my youtube channel) that i have been struggling alot
when in comes to my mental health. 
i still am sadly but i am feeling a bit better and trying to get back to what i love 
to do!
so lets start with the review!

The EOS Candy Green lenses are a pair that i LOVE
they are so comfortable and cute! 

EOS Candy Green Circle Lenses (Colored Contacts)

the design is very "simple" so it gives your eyes a nice color
and your eyes end up looking big, cute and cartoon-like
so i would really recommend them for cosplay!

they are 14.5 mm
and i can wear them all day without feeling them getting dry
you can see that in the middle my natural eyecolour is still visible but it
has a nice fade into the green

they are comfortable and cute 
and i really recommend them!