Tuesday, December 23, 2014

chaotic candy scarf

hallo ;w;
how are you doing?

well lets start!

i week ago i got a (super random) package for chaotic candy.
she gave me a scarf and it was the most adorable thing EVER!

its a short scarf so it has a hole under the bunny head were you van put the end through
besides looking super cute i noticed that its a super... superduper warm scarf.
its super windy in the netherlands right now but there was no wind going through the fabric of the scarf: (picture from the site)

cute and cozy <3

the bunnyhead is glued on, its glued on very well so i m not really worrying it might let
go or something. they all come with 2 buttons attached

so yeah~ im very happy with this ( i really needed a scarf)