Thursday, February 12, 2015

Oh my lens review

another lens review?????

the lenses are from a store called : oh my lens
they sended my 2 pair of lenses to review ^-^

the first pair are the blue ones called: kiss me blue

i am really happy with these lenses. i love this colour blue!

you can still see a little bit of my natural eye colour in the center
but it doesnt really shows that much.


base curve: 8.6
diameter: 14.0
water content: 38%
using cycle period: 6 Months

the second pair are the: Cleo Black lenses

when i saw these i just wanted them so bad!! when they arrived i 
really wans`t let down! these are my absolute favorite

they make my eyes look so big and cute
your natural eye colour stays the same on the inside and fades out to black

at firt i thought they`ll give you a sort of creepy look but its more cute than creepy~


base curve: 8.6
diameter: 15.0
water content: 38%
using cycle: 6 months

i love both lenses and the contact with the company was realy sweet!

cheack out the store :
and the facebook page: