Saturday, February 14, 2015

pinkicon review

hii~ <3 
happy Valentines day!

today ill be doing a review about 2 lenses from pinkicon
i didnt get to pick out what kind of lenses so it was a little suprise! 

i got one pair of cirle lenses and a package with 1day cirle lenses.
the package arrived quick and there was no damage at al.
it comes with a little card were you can ride the expiration date on the back so 
you can remember when you have to throw then away!

the pair of lenses i got are called Queen Aque

to be honest these are not the kind of lens i would pick out because i like the very fibrant ones
with a very dark cirle around them. but to my suprise i really liked them!

the look so tiny in this lenscase but that is because its a pretty big lenscase

as you can see the colour from the lenses starts in the middel with a yellow colour, then blue and a dark circle. On my eyes you dont see the yellow that much but i realy like the look of it.


diameter: 14.2 mm
basecurve: 8.6
water content: 45%
duration: yearly
here you can see the different it makes with my eyes:

i really hope i can do a natural dolly look with these lenses in the future <3

the second lenses i got are daylenses called: fairy con princess in pink

1 pack contains 5 pair of cirle lenses that can be used one time

like i said about the first item, its not something i would pick out but once again
i was really suprised and i think there really nice.

the lenses i got expire in 2018 so you dont have to worry about them expiring soon.
one of the nice things  about daylenses is that there very hygienic

( i already worn a pair so thats why you only see 4 pair of lenses)

you van see my natural eyecolour in the middel and then a pink colour with a dark cirle.
my friends said they really like the look of it! and so do i hihi


diamater: 14.2
base curve: 8.7
water content: 38%

they really give my eyes a dolly look don`t you think?

they also gave me a coupon for you guys! i hope you like it <3