Sunday, April 26, 2015

Geocolouredlenses review

hello ;3
finnaly i have time to make a review again (>///<)

im very happy about these lenses!

they are absolutely amazing.

This is how the lenscase looks, little feet hihi XD

this is how they look in the lenscase. 

diameter: 15 mm
base curve: 8.70 mm
water content: 40(.2)%
life span: one year


(without the lenses)

 here you can see the differents they make ~

here are both of them in, the look very doll like!

even tho there quite big they feel very comfortable and dont get dry.
the look is very doll like they make me feel very cute haha
my eyes are a dark blue but the lenses still look really green and bright!

i really want to try the blue ones in the future so i Really like them!! ( i cant say that enaugh haha)

link to the lenses: