Sunday, August 9, 2015

Review: Lensflavors GEO XTRA WT A07 PINK

hello little daydreams <3
its been a while since i made a blog, im sorry for that TT^TT

im very happy, i got a email from a shop called Lensflavors and they asked
 me if i wanted to a review on a pair of lenses! i picked out GEO Xtra WT in pink

the shipping was so SO fast, they said it could take 14- 30 days for my package
to arrive and it came in about 7 days!
i was really suprised it arrived that fast

the lenses came in the fome..stuff (idk the name)
and i got a cute animal lenscase with it!
on the site it said macaron case so idk why i got animal but i like these more then the macaron 
so to me its not a big deal or anything

here is how they look in the lenscase

i like that they blend in nicely with my natural colour and make my eyes look
so big and pretty

Diameter: 14.8mm
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.8mm
Usage: 1 year disposal

the lenses are really comfortable, the shipping was 
fast and the package arrived without any damage!
i really happy about this company and the lenses

they also gave me the change to start a giveaway so one of you can win a pair of lenses!
ill put a link here when its done <3

Link to the shop: