Saturday, September 26, 2015

Review: brandedkitty the ice princess dress & B.Kitty Bambee Black Lashes

hii :3
.. i have nothing interesting to say so lets just start with the review haha!

this review is for a cute shop called "brandedkitty shop"
i got to review a pretty dress and a set of eyelashes!

lets start with the dress:

this dress is called: the ice princess dress
its a chiffon dress with cute ribbons and pretty pearls on it
i love that the pearls aren't glued on but yeah whats the word "stapled" on
i m not sure if thats the right word but you dont have to worry about the pearls falling off

the back of the dress has a cute little ribbon on it, its sewn on with a single string so it could fall af
but i didnt have any problems with it.

you can also see the adorable collar on this dress!
 this is my favorite thing about this dress haha

in this picture you can see the original color 

And the second item are these lashes: B. Kitty Bambee Black Lashes


picture from the site

these lashes are both cute and sassy!

they are a good quality and i can wear them for multiple times so they go a long way!

pictures of me wearing them:

link to the site:Brandedkitty

i hope you liked this review and see you next time <3