Friday, November 6, 2015

pinkicon: GEO-XTRA Berry Holic Brown review

im starting off every time with a"o long time no see, blah blah
cuz im really bad at making reviews in time.. i`m working on that i promise. ;w;

today im reviewing a pair of circle lenses from Pinkicon!
there the GEO-XTRA Berry Holic brown

i wore these lenses for quite some time and i`m really glad i got these!
the package arrived quick and had a alot of papers with it about how to put them in etc. 
and a little card were you can write on when they expire!

the lenses are really comfortable but they do get a little bit dry from time to time but my eyes
 are dry quick so i use eye-drops to fix the problem.

at first when they said they would send me these i wasn't really sure about them since i don't really
like how brown looks on  me but since there so light they give (imo) i really cool look

as you can see there really big! so they give a really cute dolly affect but yet not to dramatic
still i think they would more natural on someone with green or brown eyes.

i hope you liked this review and see you next time

link to for the lenses: <3
coupon code: A24680000