Saturday, November 7, 2015

Wigaholic review: Light Blonde Long Curly 70cm

so yeah thats a good start for a review right?

Wigaholic is a new wigstore and they were really nice to send me a wig to review!
i got to pick out 3 wigs and they would send me 1.
i got the Light Blonde Long Curly 70cm

i bought a big in the same color some time ago and i really like how 
it suites me.
i was really confused when the package arrived because i didnt expect it so soon! 
it was shipped to me (the netherlands) in just 2 days!

with the wig came a wig-cap, wig brush and a wig stent
i dont think when you oder its something thats always comes with your wigs but you can buy them
on the site to.

everything arrived in perfect condition

 the front is a bit messy looking but that didn't come as a surprise
on the site they show you multiple pictures and it was a bit messy on the site to (the part of the wig were the bangs meet if that makes sense)

(the picture on the site i was talking about)

by brushing it it will get nicer but its that way because the top is made really poofy
and the wig looks the best with something like a hairband on it

i didnt brush the wig yet in this picture so here is how the curls look before brushing them.

i decided not to cut the bangs straight since i like them this way
the quality is great and shipping was fast, i would definitely buy from this store again

(also atm they have 50% off so go check it out!)

link for this: wig
link to the site: