Saturday, June 25, 2016

klenspop review: TT 2COLOR PLUS VIOLET

trying my best to get back on track with my reviews! <3
today ill be reviewing one off my go to lenses

these are the TT 2color plus voilet lenses from klenspop.
from the lenses i recieved from them these are my favorite and the lenses i
wear most often!

(sorry for the color difference i took these pictures at different time off the day!)

and as always klenspop sends you them with a lenscase and plastic tweezers
i personally find these tweezers very handy to pick them out of the lensecase because 
sometimes there can be a bit of dirt or fuz on your fingers and it ends up in the lenscase

i really recommend these lenses, i dont have any trouble with them and
they look very cute!

link to the lenses: here

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