Saturday, July 16, 2016

chaotic candy review: 3-ways kawaii lacey RED HEARTBREAKER

today im going to do a review on these 
super cute shorts!
they can be worn in 3 different ways!

i usally go for pastels but i love to try new things and when she showed me 
these i loved how they looked!

the heart can be clipped on and taken off really easily and
the straps are adjustable as well

here are the 3 ways you can wear them:

i got the size small and they fit perfectly but i had my measurements taken so im
not that suprised haha.

there is a zipper on the side of them but there not noticeable when you
wear them. and theres a small tag on the side as well that you can see here


if you are not such a fan of red you can also get this one in a pastel pink!

3-weg lacey pastel roze HEARTBREAKER leuke korte broek en bretels BOXPAKJE

i liked how they looked with my minnie mouse ears i got in disneyland and did 
a transformation video as well so you can see how they look on when moving around

for the video click: > here <

link to the shorts: here
link to the pink version: here

see you next time~