Sunday, November 6, 2016

Klenspop review ELLEN 3COLOR GRAY

back again~
today ill be review a new pair of circle lenses i got from 


Klenspop always sends there lenses in a cute box

you get the lenses a lenscase and plastic tweezer to get the lenses out!
i really like the tweezers i always use them to get my lenses out without using my fingers

the lenses look really, really natural and with my dark blue eyes the 
blend in so well my mom didnt notice i was wearing lenses until i told her . so if you are going
for natural looking lenses that enlarge your eyes i recommend these!

the light in these pictures are very different since im
 dumb and forgot to make a pic without the lenses
so im using a old one!

they are comfortable but can get a bit dry sometimes

there 14mm and water content is 38%

i hope you liked this review!
here is a link to the lenses: (click)