Monday, April 17, 2017

Pastel dreams: Giselle Pink by icodi

i hope everyone had a fun easter!
today i am going to do a lens review for a
store called Pastel dreams. they sell lenses and (really cool) shoes!
(and more, im just obsessed with the shoes)

i like that i got a little list with the lenses, on there you can write
when you opend them and when they are going to expire
these lenses are year lenses

up close you can see the lenses have pink and orange in them
one thing you should keep in mind when you are going to order
form them is that they dont come with lenses cases so make sure you have those!

the lenses are very comfortable i didnt feel them at all!
but i do have to say i expected the colours to be more fibrent
i saw the picture on the website and i think they do look better on brown eyes

(picture from the website)

so they are pretty, they just dont look that good with my eyecolour
they look better on people with darker eyes.

i hope this review was helpfull!

use the code "Daydream" to get 10% off!

i also used the lenses for a makeup contsest on the website,
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thank you !!