Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Pastel dreams: Adela black by eos

Today im back with another review for
a store called Pastel dreams!

just like in my last review from them
the lenses came with little paper were you
can write the date on so you can remember when they will expire!

here you can see how they look close up in
the lensecase!

because they dont have colour and just a pretty detailed rim
they will blend in so nicely with your own eyes!

the lenses are extra thin so you can wear them comfortable the entire day
it made it a bit harder for me to get them in my eyes because they kept folding 
over my finger haha

i love how these lenses look i definitley recommend 
them! i think they will look good with any eyecolour!

they are 14.5 mm 
and you can wear them for a year
they are very comfortable and i dont get dry 
eyes when i were them. 

i hope you found this review usefull!

you can use my code "daydream" to get 10% off <3

see you next time!