Monday, June 19, 2017

Pastel dreams: new bio (3-6) Slim II Gray

today i am doing 
another review for lenses from Pastel dreams!

they are the new bio (3-6) Slim II Gray.

they have a diameter of 14,5 mm
and have a lifespan of 1 month

i like them alot! almost kinda sad that they only last one month haha
but some people prefer them over lenses with the lifespan of a year
because you have to keep changing the lens fluid so its easier to keep up with
and some find it more hygenic. 

(sorry for the white eyeliner on my lashes i realised that when i looked back at the pictures > <)

i think the lenses blend in nice with my blue eyes
they are comfortable to wear and enlarge your eyes yet keep it 
natural looking (at least it looks natural to me haha)

so if you prefer monthly lenes i definitely recommend to check out the new bio
you can use my code "daydream" to get 10% off
> the website <

foto van Nadia De Ruiter.

i hoped this review was helpfull 
and i see you next time~